How to Use and Care

Before First Use:

  1. Put a glass of hot water with 1 table spoon of salt and 2 table spoons of squeezed lemon juice or vinegar into the bottle. !!Be cautious of the heat on the bottle’s surface!! You may wrap the bottle with a towel
  2. Close the bottle with the bottle cap
  3. Keep it aside for 20 minutes
  4. After 20 minutes shake it well and rinse it with water; you may also rub the inside with a soft brush

Now it’s ready to go! 

How to Use

To purify the water, store the water in your copper bottle for 6-8 hours and drink it, so it’s recommended to fill the bottle right before you go to bed and drink it when you get up in the next morning. The other way would be  filling in water in the morning, bring the copper bottle with you all day long and drink whenever you want.  It is not recommended to drink the water that is stored over 12 hours in a copper bottle.

How to Clean

You can rinse with normal water after each use.

In case there're patinas or tarnish*, you can remove them with lemon and salt:  cut a lemon into half, spread some salt on the lemon and rub it on the bottle. To clean the inside of the copper bottle, you could clean like what you did for the first use.

*Real copper naturally patinas. Our bottles are made of pure copper, without any lining, coating nor lacquer inside or outside of the bottle. They are pure and contain absolutely no toxic materials of any kind. 


  • Do keep your copper bottle in dry place
  • Do keep the bottle cap off after washing and let the bottle air dried, or you could use a towel to dry the inside
Don’ts :
  • Do not use Scrubber / Chemicals to clean the bottle
    • The scrubber may cause scratches while chemicals may damage the pure copper nature
  • Do not use the bottle for storage other than water.
    • Because copper can react with acidic liquids (anything with a pH of less than 7), we recommend only using water in your copper water bottle.
  • Do not keep the copper bottle in the freezer and fridge.
    • The reactions working to purify your water, happen best at room temperature. Do not freeze as you will lose the benefit. It is always best to drink water at room temperature.
  • Do not put hot water into your bottle (except for cleaning purpose)
    • Copper bottles purify your water with oxidization. When you add hot water, the process gets disturbed.Warm water is fine but please no hot boiling water.
  • Do not drink the water if it’s stored in the copper bottle for over 12 hours