Palo Santo Sticks 秘魯厚切聖木
Palo Santo Sticks 秘魯厚切聖木
Palo Santo Sticks 秘魯厚切聖木
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Palo Santo Sticks 秘魯厚切聖木
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Palo Santo Sticks 秘魯厚切聖木
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Palo Santo Sticks 秘魯厚切聖木

Palo Santo Sticks 秘魯厚切聖木

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pause living 聖木於秘魯原地進口,供應商支持當地社區持續發展,保護當地生態,並擁有證書合法採集。由於聖木受法令保護,不能在其自然死亡或老化前收割,所以沒有樹木因此被砍伐。



  • 淨化空間、能量
  • 放鬆心情,更易專心
  • 驅散蚊蟲


  • 用火點著聖木大約10秒,然後撥熄,煙隨之而起
  • 可拿著聖木燻一燻空間的每個角落,或於身體上打圈淨化
  • 完成後,將聖木放在耐熱的容器上,直至煙霧完全熄滅
  • 聖木大約於一至兩分鐘內自行熄滅,可按個人需要再點著


  • 防水密實袋,防止聖木受潮影響品質
  • 包裝袋尺寸 10cm X 18cm
  • 聖木尺寸:每枝大約長10cm,闊5-2cm。由於聖木由人手切割,因此每條粗幼不一
  • 每包4枝 (大約50克)


The Palo Santo or Bursera Graveolens is a species of tree that grows in South America, especially in Ecuador and Peru. Since ancient times, Palo Santo has a powerful purification function, burning it can eliminate the negative energy in the environment and in our body, calm the mind hence increase focus. At the same time, the smoke can drive away insects.

Pause Living Palo Santo is imported directly from Peru, where the supplier works hand in hand with local communities to help them grow. They also works with certifications to obtain the Palo Santo legally, sustainably and ecologically. In respect of the sacredness, the tree can never be cut down. It is only permitted to be harvested long after dying a natural death.

In addition to space purifying, you can also ignite the stick before you’re going to meditate, practice yoga, study or work. Ground yourself with the rich positive smell, pause and calm your mind to be more focus.

How to use:

  • Ignite a Palo Santo stick directly and let it burn for 5-10 seconds, then blow it out gently.
  • Hold the stick and move around the space or body to clear the energy.
  • When finished, place the stick in a fire-proof bowl.
  • The glow will end on its own after 1-2 minutes. Re-ignite it if needed.


  • Waterproof zipped bag to protect the wood by moisture
  • Bag size : 10cm x 18cm
  • Stick size: Each stick is approximately 10cm (L) x 1.5-2cm (W). Since the sticks are cut by hands, the size and shape is varied.
  • 4 sticks per pack (approx. 50g)