Pause and leave it to us.

We're a group of award winning marketing specialists in Hong Kong. With extensive experience of working in MNCs and agencies, we understand the perspective from a client and an agency; hence being able to make communications direct, efficient and down to earth.

From online to offline, from design to production, our strength is to plan a project or campaign truly integrated with quality results.  

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Pause, release and restore. 

According to your situation, our experienced yoga teachers / therapists will tailor-make a yoga practice that meets your need. Private yoga ensures your goal and your process are tracked; also the body condition is well taken care of.

Don't let a condition stop you for yoga. Yoga is for every body. 

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Pause, relax and recharge  

Through sound vibration from the full moon Tibetan singing bowls, your body will enjoy a cellular massage and harmonising of brain waves. For private sessions, the bowls will be strategically placed around the body, so that the specific sound waves travel to where they will promote healing.

Just relax and lie down, enjoy the sounds while purifying your physical, mental and emotional body. 

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